Web site creation, design, media and marketing to assist you towards digital.


Showcasing site

At Pixel Digital, we are experts in web site creation for SMB or big businesses. We cover all activity sectors as well as tourism, restaurant industry, property, finance, events, retail, transport and others.
We help you create a web site wich ressembles you and satisfies your needs.

E-commerce web site

We help you to start your brand or your online products with simple tricks which enable you to sale more and to be visible by thousands of new clients.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our solutions of secured hosting wich enable you to have a fast web site which has daily backup. We propose appropriate solutions for your needs (shared hosting, cloud, professionals emails, …).
Our teams take care of the maintenance of your web site in order to focus only on your business ; Pixel Digital takes care of it all.


Visual identity

To stand out from your rivals and build a well defined and valuable corporate identity well defined in the eyes of your customers, our designers create your logo and your visual identity.


Do you have design projects, web or print visual content creations, infographic, brochure, flyer, poster, business card, white paper, presentation of your company or UI/UX Design ? Our teams will be able to answer to all your needs.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Do you want to improve the position of your web site on search engines like Google in order to have more traffic ? Your specialist team realizes an audit of your web site and works on the technical optimization and on content to improve your online visibility.

Google Ads

Our specialized team on google advertising (SEA) establishes a strategy depending from your location and the different key words on which you must be present so as to be found by your customers.
We update and optimize your campaigns to get the best returns on investment.

Social media

The presence of companies on social media is essential in 2020. Our service of community management assures you an online presence with a quality editorial and visual content on social media adapted and advantageous for your company.

Online Marketing

Many ways exist to promote your company or your products on the Internet. Social media campaigns, for example, are a very efficient way to reach a good audience. In fact, we can target places, age, gender, interests to show your advertising to the right people by controlling your finances.

Sales funnel

Sales funnels are an effective way to sell products or collect a list of qualified contacts. The second part of a sales funnel strategy consists in an emails sequence in order to convert your prospects into customers.

Marketing Email

Marketing email is always a very good way to keep a relation with your customers in order to inform them of the news or your new products and services. A succession of well optimized marketing emails or newsletters will enable you to bring traffic on your web site or in physical places to win your customers’s loyalty.

Traffic analysis

Our analysis services help you to interpret the traffic of your web site through a document easy to understand. This document helps you to better comprehend by what means users reach your web site and who they are. Specific performance indicators can be defined in depending from your objectives. The analyzed data will be compared at the preceding time period (previous month for example) to compare the traffic evolution.

Marketing influence

Influencers can be an excellent way to make your brand or your products known to the engaged and targeted community. We are looking for the right profiles on the right social media in order to guarantee optimal results.


dessin pixel digital appareil photo images


Our photographers will know how to highlight your craft or your products, whether it is with interior photos, products, dishes for your restaurant or aerial photos taken with the help of a drone. We’ll know how to bring you the valuable visual content that you are looking for.


Our team is at your disposal for your video productions. From shooting to editing, we will be able to create a quality presentation of your company or your products. Our freelance team can also create an engaging and easy to understand motion design video for your customers.

Dessin Pixel Digital Accompagnement Marketing


Audit and Advice

We offer you several types of support in your digital strategy. A workshop is often necessary to define the best strategy depending from your needs and to give you the keys to succeed.
Also, one support session per month is appropriate for a regular monitoring wich will enable you to quickly achieve your objectives.

Professional training

Pixel Digital comes to you or educates you at distance on new digital tools in order to give you all the cards you need for your success online.
We have several training programs which can be adapted at your demands : website creation training, digital beginner’s guide, social media management, emailing creation or design and video editing beginner’s guide.

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